Be Younger, Your Way!

Being fit and younger to enjoy what’s best in life now has its own exciting benefits, in your own way! My Fit+ lets you explore an exciting wellness environment renewed every month on your journey to a better, healthier, and younger you.

You can also

  1. Accomplish daily tasks designed to help you get through your fitness journey, earn more and more bolts to fuel your achievements in getting treasure chests filled with exciting rewards. Don’t worry! You’ll have your own coach to motivate you as you go through many exciting tasks.
  2. Let’s enjoy friendly competition with your family and friends in community challenges, watch and like their progress while you climb the leaderboard ladder! You can also monitor your bio age and watch it get younger while you finish all the required tasks during your daily activities.
  3. Get to know more about human health and other relevant information such as financial planning and stress management while earning bolts every day.

MyFit+ is powered by the Biological Age Model (BAM) algorithm.